McDonald’s Survey gives you redeemable coupon

McDonald’s Survey is designed to help the company know its overall performance. The site let people to express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction regarding McDonald’s products and services.  When the feedback is negative, it will warn the company of potential issues that can affect future profits. The end goal of the survey is to collect actionable customer feedback the company can use to improve overall customer experience.


McDonald’s is one of the world’s largest restaurant chains, serving approximately 68 million customers daily in 119 countries across approximately 36,615 outlets.McDonald’s is an American hamburger and fast food restaurant chain. It was founded in 1940 as a barbecue restaurant.McDonald’s primarily sells breakfast items, hamburgers, milkshakes, cheeseburgers, soft drinks, deserts, French fries and chicken products. In response to changing consumer tastes, the company has expanded its menu to include wraps, smoothies, fish, fruits and salads.


To participate into McDonald’s Survey, visit This site is solely designed to know your sentiments about McDonald’s services.


  • You must have a valid receipt from a McDonald’s outlet.
  • You must have electronic device like laptop, tablet, computer or mobile device with internet access.
  • You must be a legal resident of the US.


As a token of gratitude, McDonald’s Survey give away validation code to its customer so that they can use it for their next meal. Remember that the offer expires 30 days after receipt date, and is valid at participating McDonald’s. There is also a limit of one offer per person per visit. In addition, the offer may not be duplicated, sold, transferred, or transmitted electronically.


  1. Enter McDonald’s Survey site at
  2. Choose your preferred language.
  3. To begin the survey, enter the following information from your McDonald’s receipt: store number, KS number, date of visit, time of visit, order, and amount spent, and indicate whether you are over the age of 13 years.
  4. Answer all survey questions based on your recent experience.

At the end of survey you will get the validation code. Write the code you receive on your receipt and use it to redeem the offer.


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